Anne-Laure Bernanose, specialist in tutoring and adult education in the Gard region of France

Coach-Trainer for children, teenagers and adults

Dear parents!

In 2018, I decided to launch my own business as atrilingual educational coach for children, teenagers and adults.

Passionate about foreign languages, I offer families with an international connection the chance to learn foreign languages and brush up on the basics with method and confidence!

Thanks to my 15 years' experience in international customer relations, I'm able to design a personalized training program that's tailored to your needs and learning style, with the aim of keeping you motivated over the long term!

Finally, with a professional degree (with honors) from the Faculté d'Education de Nîmes obtained in 2018 and passing the competitive examination for teachers of schools (CRPE) at the same time, I align your way of learning by adapting teaching materials in compliance with school programs up to secondary school.

See you soon on your path to blossoming success in learning!

My motto?


Many of you are experiencing it today !!! That's why I've decided to ACT!!!

We all want to SUCCESS IN OUR LIFE!!! We set the bar high to accomplish as parents the chores of the house, the school support for the success of our children, their education and also our full time job!!!! Alone, it's hard! 

Thanks to my listening skills, I'm able to adapt a personalized and methodical teaching itinerary to meet your exact needs! En route to unique learning methods adapted to your personality!



Using effective, practical teaching methods, I'll make you the actor in your own success!

  • At home Thanks to my personal service, I can come to your home at the dates and times agreed together;
  • At a distance using what's app or zoom, I will conduct a diagnostic session with you to identify your needs for yourself and/or your child!

To dare to succeed, THE SOLUTION I propose is to accompany you in your training while supporting you in your children's schoolwork.

We all have the potential to succeed! Yes, at any age, we are capable of adapting to change!

I'm living proof! 

Here's my story:

As a mother of 3 children, I tried to reconcile everything with a job that was becoming progressively dehumanized, hyperactive and perfectionist. 

This led me to burnout in 2016. It was thanks to a skills assessment and support that I was able to get out of it! 

When you work and try to do everything on your own, you don't have much perspective, which can be fatal!

So it was thanks to the training that I was able to bounce back! I took a step back to make room for a new professional project, which today enables me to help others. 

Having been through this ordeal, I know the path that leads to personal, family and professional fulfillment.

By getting to know ourselves better, working on ourselves and always moving forward towards what relieves us and makes us BETTER .


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