French, English and Spanish courses for adults in Gard (30)

Would you like to improve your language skills?
Do you want to feel at ease in speaking and writing?

Do you find learning a language difficult?
Do you find it hard to motivate yourself?
Are you looking for a short, practical course that will get you up and running quickly?

My solution?

French, English and Spanish courses for adults in Gard (30)

A targeted training support plan that adapts to your learning abilities, because we tend to think that, as adults, it's harder to get back into learning!

I used to think that. Now I know that learning is possible at any age. Our brains are completely malleable and constantly adapting (neuroscience confirms this). It's just a question of believing in it and being determined! As the saying goes:


Alone, on the other hand, it's much harder!

The problem with this solitary approach is that it's possible, but it takes much longer, because you always need someone to explain things to you patiently, clearly and pedagogically when the concepts aren't clear, and there you save a lot of time and energy.

In this way, learning remains motivating and becomes a pleasure, because it's also an exchange of teaching tricks, memorization methods and, above all, experiences that simply enable you to learn how to communicate with a foreigner. It's not just about learning a language, it's also about learning how to communicate as a whole, with the sole aim of understanding and being understood by the other person, both orally and in writing.

So human contact and support are essential when learning a foreign language!

Especially when you're short of time because you're working, it's all the more essential to have a well thought-out training program, targeted to your specific needs, with a method and support within your reach. So it's important to choose a training itinerary tailored to your needs.

You therefore need :

✓ define a targeted objective with an adapted training program.

✓ define a personalized learning itinerary taking into account your learning objectives, the skills you need to acquire and the time you have available.

✓ define a weekly schedule of training sessions

✓ define a weekly roadmap to target week after week the notions to be reviewed as well as the precise exercises to focus on the skills to be developed.

✓définir un rituel quotidien de révision pour être efficient

Personalized pedagogical coaching program for :

✓ learn to communicate effectively both orally and in writing in French, English and/or Spanish.

✓ learn by revising the basics of the international English or Spanish language thanks to synthesized concepts and targeted exercises

✓ set up a roadmap with a timeline because it's by setting goals that we keep moving forward and making progress every day!

✓ With learning times and practice times.

✓ Adapt the themes to your personal and/or professional life

✓ 1 15-minute learning ritual per day (podcast)

✓ 1h to 2h of distance learning/videotraining per week.

Having gone through professional retraining myself, I can assure you that the key to success in adult learning lies in the ability to organize and self-discipline, but it's thanks to coaching and quality support that you save time, because you have someone to keep you focused, refocus you on what's essential and guide you constantly towards efficiency.

That's how I came up with the idea of creating this coaching program to meet your personal or professional needs as closely as possible.

How does it work in practice?

A telephone coaching session during which you will explain to me what your apprehensions are about learning a new language and what your expectations are in terms of results?

☛ Following our meeting, you will receive a personalized quote with the detailed training program in 2 parts:

- revision of basic concepts (grammar/conjugation/lexicons/syntax).

- communication (dialogues on themes of everyday life, progressively speaking up to improvisation).

☛ You validate the quote and together we draw up your learning itinerary based on the time available and your objectives.

☛ Now we're ready to start coaching on learning to be able to communicate internationally!!!!

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How do the English ? French (FLE)? Spanish ?

◼︎ A personalized planning board with roadmap (free of charge)

◼︎ A weekly video session of 1 to 2 hours for 3 months!

◼︎ Additional resources as needed via pdf (free)


to learn a modern international language faster and more effectively!

See you soon! Hasta Pronto! See you Soon !

Want to test your language skills? Click here to receive a free online test in English, French FLE, and/or Spanish!

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Refresher courses in English/Spanish/French FLE

For Beginners / False Beginners

Individual and/or group training

  • Sessions 2019: 7 adult training courses for individuals (distance learning and face-to-face) and 2 group training courses for companies (face-to-face) (with 4 trainees).
  • Sessions 2020: 7 individual distance and face-to-face adult training courses and 5 group distance training courses and 1 on-site face-to-face course (3 of which are ongoing).
  • Sessions 2021: 15 adult training courses for individuals (including 12 ongoing courses).

Average training duration: 25 hours


All 13 training courses were completed (with the exception of one trainee in 01/2019 who withdrew early due to a professional transfer).

Trainee satisfaction rate

Of the 17 training courses carried out, the trainee satisfaction rate was 97.73% "very satisfied", with the remaining 3.27% indicating average satisfaction with the training materials.

The feedback leads me to improve my training materials.

Overall, feedback from trainees has been very satisfactory, as they appreciate the way I listen to them, take their needs into account and adapt the training to their pace and learning style.

Loyalty rate

97.37% of trainees completed their training. Only one trainee stopped the training in 2019 due to a professional transfer.

Contract renewal

ADISCOS and FITEC (subcontracted training organizations) regularly offer me trainees (on average 1 to 2 per month).

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