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Personalized distance learning support

Private lessons at home or by video!

Dear parents,
Does your child need personalized help to progress in his or her learning? Would you like to find someone who can guide your child with confidence, allowing them to progress at their own pace?

We can define this together through a 1st contact by phone or by video via zoom in order to clearly define your needs! 

Support from CP to CM2

Primary school tutoring, all subjects in Gard

Learn to understand and manage your emotions

Primary school tutoring, all subjects in Gard

Develop written and oral expression and comprehension (French)

Primary school tutoring, all subjects in Gard

Learn to communicate in English and Spanish

Primary school tutoring, all subjects in Gard

Learning to understand mathematics

Primary school tutoring, all subjects in Gard

Refresher courses during the school vacations

The various workshops


Your child lacks attention? is a bully at school? has a lot of tantrums? has no friends? is too shy? doesn't listen? is mean to his little brother? is very unruly?

Role-playing situations

"Discovering emotional and relational intelligences


  • Asserting your identity
  • Discovering your uniqueness in your differences
  • Development of verbal and physical expression
  • Discovery of his own palette of emotions, with which he will bring the various characters to life.
  • Externalizing emotions
  • Socialization
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques


  • By using and developing one's imagination through multiple life situations; by becoming characters - key
  • With accessories: ribbons, hats, scarves, sticks, magic wands
  • Playing with puppets
  • Through mime


Primary school refresher course

Develop your language skills (French) and common sense (maths). Two major allies for your success in life! Thanks to a differentiated teaching approach combining personalization of needs and targeting of potential obstacles, you'll be motivated to learn with the right support!
A personalized diagnosis and attentive listening to combine positive pedagogy with success in French and/or math, thanks to effective methodological workshops to help you learn how to learn!
Face-to-face or distance (skype or telephone) sessions for children.

Rates :

39 euros per hour (individual) - 25 euros per hour (2 or more children)
Pack 10/20/30 sessions


"For the little ones!"

  • Learn more about your child's development
  • Around the awakening of the child
  • Playing with language
  • Learning to read
  • Getting to grips with the written word
  • Getting to grips with numbers
  • Getting to grips with geometry
  • Playing with measurements

Remote action plan

Guide your children with confidence to consolidate the basics!

Do you need personalized support? Would you like to support your child's learning?

But you're not a teacher and you don't have enough time because you're working!

You lack patience, conflicts break out and you can't understand each other?

About us

Before the Coronavirus, I would go to students' homes and provide 1 to 2 hours of traditional tut oring per student every week for the duration of the school year.

My accompaniment can take place :

- at home respecting barrier gestures and distances (Nîmes/Uzès/Alès area) and you can benefit from a 50% tax credit .

- remotely via zoom or what's app! I've adapted my coaching to guarantee effectiveness, with shorter sessions that are more focused on the issues each person needs to resolve.

Do you feel that your child has gaps to fill? My support will help you gain peace of mind as a parent, and give you a clearer picture of the real skills your child needs to develop.

I create a personalized learning itinerary for each child, whatever his or her difficulties at the outset, to guarantee a progression in learning.

Step by step, your child becomes an active learner!

How support works

First stage

Our 1st meeting :

  • 1/ It is carried out by telephone or video via zoom
  • 2/ Together we define your precise needs
  • 3/ I propose to target your child's strengths and weaknesses during a 1st session offered via zoom, which will guarantee quality support that combines patience and pedagogy for your child/adolescent so that he/she validates his/her level, finds all his/her motivation to learn and becomes an actor in his/her success!

Second stage

I'll draw up an educational itinerary tailored to your needs. There are three possibilities:

1/ A one-off refresher course during the school vacations.

2/ Regular weekly support throughout the school year.

3/ Home schooling support

My support

  • Session length: 1 to 2 hours, depending on the child's age
  • Planning of sessions defined together (flexibility)
  • Positive, structuring pedagogy adapted to each learner.
  • Alternating theoretical concepts and practical application
  • Regular feedback with parents
  • Pedagogical coordination with the teacher if necessary.

During the coronavirus outbreak, many of you home-schooled your children as best you could.

That said, you'd prefer an outsider to take care of the teaching part, for which you don't feel comfortable. Not everyone can be a teacher.

That's how I came up with the idea of creating this targeted coaching program, tailored to each individual to meet your needs and give you the keys to long-term success.

Atout School, personalized distance learning support

Free telephone diagnosis

Weekly coaching 1 to 2-hour video session

Targeted curriculum from CP to 3ème

  • Notions explained
  • Targeted exercises
  • Regular quizzes

Individualized learning path

All subjects from CP to 3ème
(program content adapted to your child's learning pace)

How does it work in practice?

  • A 20-minute TELEPHONE DIAGNOSIS during which we will work together to define your precise needs and draw up an individualized action plan that takes into account your school level/subject(s) in order to target and effectively correct any gaps, taking into account the school curriculum and expected skills.
  • Following our interview, I'll suggest a test in the subject(s) concerned to define precisely the concepts to be reworked.
  • In this way, I create an educational itinerary for your child or teenager that is tailored to the duration of the project.
  • Now we're ready to take the next step towards academic success !

How is the support provided from CP to 3ème (ALL SUBJECTS)?

  • You will benefit from :
    Personalized planning
  • Regular quizzes to pinpoint your child's weaknesses (free)
  • Methodical , motivating support thanks to positive pedagogy
  • A weekly telephone or SMS update for follow-up
  • Complementary resources according to the needs and level of the student

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