Learn a foreign language in a different way!

How to learn an international language effectively in just 3 steps?

Hello everyone,

Communicating in foreign languages has been a passion of mine since I was very young. It's what makes sense to me, and it's what enables us to make contact and open up to differences with the whole world. Basically, by communicating with our fellow human beings in a way that's different and adapted to each of us, we develop strong relationships that bring us closer together, and we pass on strong values of respect, tolerance, open-mindedness and sharing.

Would you like to be able to communicate easily in English (1st spoken language), Spanish (2nd spoken language) or French (3rd spoken language in the world), but you're having trouble making progress?

Rest assured, learning is possible at any age! Our brains are malleable throughout our lives. It's our willingness to engage in learning that will set us on the path to success, to finally dare to communicate with our fellow human beings.

This is the method I pass on to my learners for a unique, natural and authentic learning experience:

1/ The first step is to precisely identify your blocks. Write down on paper all the negative points that are holding you back from learning and communicating.

2/ The second step is to turn these negative points into positive ones and get moving with a well-defined objective, broken down into stages, so as to plan actions and succeed in learning as you go along, without too much effort, over a very short period of time with highly targeted notions.

3/ Finally, once you've drawn up your weekly roadmap, you can review the basic concepts that are essential for understanding how syntax works, and set up written and oral communication exercises to put your learning into practice in everyday life.


If you follow these 3 steps, you'll see that it's possible to make progress, to click, because to learn successfully, our brain needs meaning, structure and constant practice.

Finally, to learn how to communicate successfully, it's essential to acquire a positive thinking strategy to dare to enter into a relationship with the other person despite our differences.

Let me know in the comments if these tips make sense for you, and if they help you to get better organized and focus on the essentials to learn how to communicate successfully in languages without spreading yourself too thin ;)

See you soon on your way to success in learning with confidence ;)

Anne Laure, dedicated to your success ;)

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