Let's give meaning to our learning!

Hello everyone,

How are you this weekend?

Here I share my inspiration for the day after coaching an adult learner on the subject of meaning in learning.

Have you ever asked yourself what meaning you should give to your actions in order to combine pleasure, self-confidence and success?

Do you think you learn the way you want to, or do you choose to learn the way you want to?

Let me explain: in our lives, at every moment, we take action. But what do we really do? Do my actions really make sense? How do I actually learn?

Each person has his or her own intelligence. To make learning effective, we can work alone with our senses (reading, writing, looking, listening?). Yet we often remain dissatisfied. Why do you think that is? I'm still convinced that communication is at the heart of learning, because it's by sharing our fears, doubts and misunderstandings, and by passing on our feelings and difficulties that we learn more and, in the end, naturally find solutions to the problems we encounter. In fact, it's in the bond of trust with our support person that we find meaning in our learning, because we have a mirror effect. We can express everything that's blocking us, without judgment, in complete transparency. To succeed in learning and to learn to succeed, we need to want to work on ourselves, and to do this we absolutely need to be guided to move forward and continue to define our true added value, in short what makes us authentic and aware.

Do you need help to learn or learn to succeed?

Thanks to my listening skills and empathy, I can help you learn how to define your strengths and acquire the tools you need to bounce back in whatever you do!

See you soon on your path to success ;)

Anne-Laure at the service of your learning lives ;)

Would you like to learn differently or relearn how to learn? Would you like to find out more about my personalized coaching methods? Contact me on by phone or sms or by email at the following address: contact@lacledulien.com

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